The Door into Summer by Robert A. Heinlein

The Door into Summer by Robert A. HeinleinClassics of science fiction. Perhaps the only lazy did not write about time travel. And through the past by writing a novel 60 years, he seems a little naive, but no less lovely and attractive. For us the year 2001 is already past. Interesting to read how the author imagined this time. It is a pity that his expectations and dreams did not materialize.

Freezing and time travel at least for a couple of hours still does not exist. Yeah there is to say, if the robot cleaner is far from the one described by Heinlein’s “maid”, who can do practically everything around the house. What woman doesn’t? But alas, the author is too well thought about the future and technical progress. By the way, about the technique. After all, the main character is not a cat, but man, Daniel Boone Davis – the genius engineer and inventor, betrayed by bride and friend.

Difficult situation when these two made a deal, drove from their own business and virtually appropriated all his inventions. What to do in this case? Fold and send all to hell, go try to sue? Neither the first nor the second can not help you and Danielle decides to “freeze” and “thaw” after 30 years to take revenge. The man said – man did. But not so simple as we would like…