Demon-Seed-by-Dean-KoontzThe book “Demon Seed” authored by Dean koontz contains two different themed works: the actual “Demon Seed” and “Marked for death”. The novel “Demon Seed” was quite innovative for its time.


It was written in 1973 when the idea of creating artificial intelligence, high technology and the power of machines was original and interesting, but nowadays this topic is elaborated more deeply and already jaded. The plot is based on the fact that a powerful supercomputer, which is the artificial intelligence system, enters the high-tech home of the main character – a girl Susan and locks her in it. The computer that considers itself perfect, neither more nor less, “being”, because of poorly controlled emotions into a maniac. He does not understand the essence of human feelings, desires and actions of people.

Believing themselves smarter and better than all mankind, he is idea to rule the world, becoming the founder of a new race of people. But the computer clearly underestimated the man. The novel is not particularly impressed. He is straight, tightened, with a lot of repetitions. The narration in the novel turned into a monologue of artificial intelligence, in places like the confession machine, periodically diluted dynamic episodes.

It is an early work of koontz and clearly belongs to the category of search and formation of his work. The story “Marked for death” about a Stalker with a mental disorder, was more interesting and intriguing than “the Devil’s seed.” Although it is not devoid of some inconsistencies and mistakes in the narrative. Also in the finals was evident illogic of the actions of the characters. Overall the story is very believable.

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