The Day of the Triffids by John WyndhamThe Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham – Free EBOOKS Download

The description «The Day of the Triffids» by John Wyndham first reminded readers of the book «On The Beach» by Nevil Shute. It is just the General items, and more nothing like.

Different message, different conclusions. But all three books, by the way, very nice. In the «The Day of the Triffids» I like that the author does not force mankind to pass the test because «you behaved badly, and get here now,» he says, «if this happened, you know what to do? no? that’s not conceited!»

In fact, it does not matter what was the cause of the accident – most people are blind. Looked in the evening on a strange green sky, the rain, and in the morning woke up blind. Now nobody cares what happened, one thing is clear – will not help, and no one will see the light. But what to do with it – is not clear. Most of the population of the planet was helpless. Is not consolation, even that among the huge number of blind sighted occasionally come across.

They are disoriented, not less, more – blinded by the blame on their responsibility. And so now people have to find a way out of this darkness – one touch and others punching their way through their own stereotypes, moral principles and remorse. Even scurrying triffids – a strange upright-walking plants that are not too worried about people in better times, but now become very dangerous. The monsters there was a considerable advantage in that they were blind always and not forced to adapt to new realities. And they don’t mind profiting off human flesh.