Dark Terror (Spirit Wild Book 5) by Kate DouglasName of eBook: Dark Terror (Spirit Wild Book 5) 
Author: Kate Douglas
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama › Romance Books
Available Download Formats: ePub, PDF, Mobi
The book «Dark Terror (Spirit Wild Book 5)» by Kate Douglas Review and Quotes: The demon showed no sign of weakening.

The scrape of toenails sliding on stone was the only warning that Ari and Reko had entered the cave. Snarling, jaws wide, they launched themselves at Aldo. Ari went for his throat, Reko stretched his huge jaws around the demon’s torso and clamped down. Aldo screamed as the weight of the Berserkers took him down. Blood sprayed from his ripped throat and entrails spilled across the stone floor.

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