Dark Places by Gillian Flynn«Dark Places» – it is a set of urgent social problems. Dysfunctional families, bad company, alcoholism, drug addiction, life below the poverty line and, of course, crime. There are people who are lucky enough to live life and not be faced with any of these troubles. And there are those who are destined to go through everything. Day’s family  hardly be called exemplary. A bunch of kids, a lot of debt, deadbeat dad and an unhappy, tormented mother. Of course, it is a pity, but they somehow contrived years to save problems, justifying them in all possible reasons, yet in the end, not bury them in the head.

In any case, hardly anyone now comes to mind to judge this family, especially after what happened. According to investigators running amok eldest son Ben staged a bloody massacre in his own house, having settled the entire family. The only survivor baby Libby. Ben sits in prison, Libby… trying to maintain their existence, occasionally dreaming about suicide. Of course, she tries to dissociate itself from its tragic past, knowing that this is impossible. This is simply not forgotten.

And least of all Libby wants to go through all of this ad investigation and clarification. But as they say, life force. And Libby just doesn’t want to admit how much she wants to get to the truth and to rediscover older brother… “Dark secrets” – a book very grim. Gillian Flynn was not enough for one bloody night with a bunch of corpses, and she decided to add to the narrative, all the social problems that managed to remember. Surprisingly, not overdone. Read even easy, and there is a sense that the author puts pressure on the emotions. I always say the measure of a good Thriller – that it captures, holds your attention.

“Dark Places” is a good Thriller. The narrative comes from the characters – most Libby in our day, Patty Day, the mother of the family in the same ill-fated day, and the bin. I usually don’t like such “jumps in time” because they are confusing, but this is not happening. Plus, this technique helps to get to know each of the characters. Especially because they’re all so ambiguous – one and the same person sometimes empathize, you’re angry at him terribly!

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