Dan Brown Complete Box Set

Dan Brown Complete Box SetDan Brown is a world-famous writer who wrote many bestsellers. This collection includes the best books by Dan Brown: Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, Deception Point, Digital Fortress, The Lost Symbol, Inferno.
Angels & Demons: the main character – Robert Langdon – a scientist, a Professor from Harvard, engaged in religious symbolism. One morning he called a Maximilian Kohler and reported killing one of the scientists at CERN representatives of the ancient secret society of the Illuminati. Langdon arrives at CERN and, together with the daughter of the murdered scientist begins an investigation. The book is written just beautifully, keeps the suspense, the plot is dynamic, full of events and unexpected twists. The language of the novel lively, easy to read. The book contains lots of interesting facts and historical materials.

The Da Vinci Code: Robert – historian, writer and master in the understanding of the secret symbols and signs. And one night he is summoned to the Louvre for a very urgent and important matter. Namely, the murder, the murder is surrounded by mystery and hidden the clues to. Together with girlfriend Sophia Robert goes in search of the real killer and solve the mystery, what I wanted to say dying in the last minutes of his life. This book is a great Thriller-mystery, very easy to read, the story itself is interesting and unusual, because the answer to the question who was the killer, plays a very small role.

Deception Point: a Perfect plot for a short series. Against the backdrop of political war for the presidency unfold skillful game. NASA for many years, spending huge funds of the state budget for developments that have no practical result. Opponent of the President proposes to abolish NASA, abandoning all efforts to improve education. The idea is worthy, many support it, but suddenly, right before the election, NASA makes the discovery of the century – find evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Faith in NASA is restored, the opponent is defeated. But it’s not as easy as it seems.

Digital Fortress: a Former NSA employee killed, before dying, managed to create complicated code that can’t be hacked, using cipher machine “digital fortress”. Supercomputer the NSA can not cope with the decryption of this code, and people who are trying to break the encryption, in danger…

The Lost Symbol: Langdon, again brought in on the secret that he has never had any relationship. And he is the only one currently able to unravel an ancient code, hidden somewhere under a layer of something there. As always, the plot of the book dynamic and exciting.

Inferno: the world on the brink of overpopulation. An extra billion people on the planet – water, air, minerals and natural resources will be weight in gold. The problem does not resolve, the population of contraception. And in this moment appears on the scene insanely talented and a little crazy (in the best traditions of the genre), a geneticist who develops a genetic virus that can solve the issue. Of course, a narrow circle of initiates in a panic, and mankind needs a Savior. But muscular pretty boy here won’t help, because behavior on the “The Divine Comedy” by Dante evil genius hid his creation of a bomb so that to find her only highbrow specialist on the middle Ages.

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