damagedThe book «Damaged: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Forgotten Child» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author’s of the book is Cathy Glass. As noted by readers, it is hard emotionally to read this book. The life of a little girl named Jody, warped and broken adults. Because it is not necessary. It just forgot. Played and dumped like unwanted doll. Unfortunately, very prevalent when children end up in orphanages.

And the reasons can be many, the death of parents, abandonment of the child in the hospital, again, for different reasons. But worst of all, when children grow up in a family of alcoholics/addicts. When bottles of vodka or dose, people forget about the children. Or are they treated cruelly – mocking, causing emotional and physical trauma. However, as a rule, adults rarely think of children. And as a rule, in these families children are taken.

They go to a shelter, then if you’re lucky in adoptive or foster families. This is a closed, often did not admit to anyone else as children. Often suffering from mental retardation. One such example is little Jody. It is no respecter of persons characterized by child services and adoptive families. About her said she was aggressive and destroying everything. But is it my fault the emotional trauma that she inflicted adults? Is it my fault that she did not need parents.

Her attitude is just a defensive reaction to the environment. There are no bad children, there are shiftless adults who can’t find a way to reach them. Perhaps Cathy glass has proved it by example. She was not frightened, not scared, but just took and surrounded the child the most important – kindness, warmth and love. And it helped.

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