The Chosen by J.R. WardName of eBook: The Chosen
Author: J.R. Ward
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama › Romance Books
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The book «The Chosen» by J.R. Ward

Review and Quotes: Firelight thrown from a shallow pit clawed across the damp walls of the cave, the rough rock face bleeding shadows. Outside the earthen womb, a great snowstorm raged, howls of bitter wind echoing into the throat of the shelter, joining the screams of the female upon the birthing pallet.

“’Tis a male young,” she panted a’twix her contracting burden. “A male!”
O’er her recumbent, straining flesh, looming as a curse upon her, the Black Dagger Brother Hharm cared naught for her pain.
“We shall learn soon enough.”
“You will mate me. You promised—”

Her words choked off and her face squeezed into ugliness as her innards contorted to expel his progeny, and as he played witness, Hharm reflected how unattractive this aristocrat was in her laboring. She had not been thus when he had first met her and seduced her. Then, she had been proper and satin-clad, an appropriate vessel for his legacy with perfumed skin and shining, bouncy hair. Now? She was nothing but an animal, sweated and stringy—and whyever was this taking so long? He was so bored by the process, offended that he had to attend to her. This was the work for females, not a warrior such as himself.

But he was not mating her unless he had to…