the-buried-book-by-d-m-pulleyThe book «The Buried Book» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author’s of the book is D.M. Pulley. This disturbing story, about a little boy who spent his childhood on his uncle’s farm, where he lived like in prison, all because his mother left when he was nine years old.

He had to do everything that tells him his uncle, and always keep your mouth shut. He was wondering why his mother left when he was so small where it is now, will she return someday. He decided that he must be brave, no longer afraid of everything, and begins to take care of myself.

He goes on a journey, hoping to find the answers to all the questions that arise in his head. It draws an adult and dangerous world. By chance he came across an interesting fact that his mother actually fled from the terrible past that begins to haunt him.

The book is very touching and zahvatyvayushim stunning story about a boy who loses his innocence and enters into the adult world.

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