Bound by C.M. SteeleThe book «Bound», authored by very famous author C.M. Steele, became a best seller in the genre of «paranormal romance». Hundreds of thousands of fans each day read this book and await the author of a new exciting novels. The book «Bound» by C.M. Steele you can download in EPUB format or PDF.

Review the book «Bound»: I closed my eyes and rubbed my brow as I witnessed the masses gathering for my mother’s grand announcement. As one the of Supreme Council members, she was held in high regard with our people who had remained loyal to our ways. Hundreds gathered in the courtyard below within a moment’s notice. It has been nearly two months since our return from our last battle with The Lamia, and it had been quiet, too quiet. It would seem that they had taken a break from the war and perhaps a peace treaty of sorts could be had. I shook my head believing that to be impossible.

Today, I feared that her words will only bring more destruction. She had not spoken of the prophecy she received in her visions, however, I felt a sense of unease and dismay in her carriage. Dainty yet refined with strength of body and character, my mother was the epitome of perfection. She had a power that no other vampire possessed. The gift of sight wasn’t shared by any other vampire in our history. She was something truly special.

There were other creatures, like shifters and some humans, with such gifts but not in our kind. It is believed that we do not possess the attributes necessary to be bestowed with such an advantageous and dangerous talent. We were too vain and unfeeling to be handed the ability of sight. With our other abilities, a gift of sight would make us unstoppable.

Since she had been the only one to possess the gift, we believed it must have come from her human nature. As they were not vampires until mated, our females were born human.

The door that led to the large hall opened. My mother and father, along with the rest of Council, stepped onto the balcony. I had a terrible feeling about her announcement. It struck me to the bone, considering and contemplating what she will reveal.

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