Bonfires by Amy LaneName of eBook: Bonfires
Author: Amy Lane
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Romance Books
Available Download Formats: ePub, PDF, Mobi
The «Bonfires» by Amy Lane Review and Quotes: Plans he followed. The chicken coop came first, him and Kellan and Kirby swearing in the cold sunshine of October, trying to beat the long tree shadows before they had to call it a day. It took them longer than a weekend, because a chicken coop had to be a chicken mansion, someplace insulated and wired to the house, if you lived in the snow. Aaron’s coop at the other house had a door that opened and closed with a light sensor, and he had to back-order one, because letting the chickens in and out was a pain in the ass.

It was early November before they moved in for real, and by then their schedules and just plain life had forced them to spend enough nights apart that every night without Larx in his arms felt like a hardship, something not to be borne. Kellan wrote a letter a week, and while the first one might have been short and awkward, Aaron noticed that the subsequent letters got longer and Kellan began to shake himself out of his sadness. Of course, getting his first letter from Isaiah helped, and after retreating to his room and crying for a bit, he came back and read the less personal parts to the family.

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