Blood Kiss by J. R. Ward

Blood-Kiss-by-J.-R.-WardNew series “Black Dagger Legacy” is a bit easier series “Black Dagger Brotherhood”. She’s not black, because everything we are talking about the relationship Teens in school and not two grown people with a lot of Luggage and hundreds of stories and tragedies behind.

The book “Blood Kiss” is very very interesting. Here we are talking about the daughter of the First adviser to the king named Paradise. It presses the atmosphere of the aristocracy from which she is trying to escape. She decided to join the training centre of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and learning to fight to defend their opinions and no one to depend on. She faces a lot of difficulties while training.

All this happens until, until she falls in love with her classmate. Craig, he belongs to a higher caste. It’s not what her father wanted for daughter. But Craig is all that she could expect from men. The erotic tension between them becomes irresistible and Paradise have to understand, whether so it is strong to claim the power of…on the battlefield and outside it.

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