Bel Canto by Ann PatchettThe book «Bel Canto» by Ann Patchett offers crystal luxurious reception in one not too unrecognizable Latin American country. In the house of the Vice-President served with asparagus and tiny, on the heels of bites, rib chops. In the house of the Vice-President sings the best sopranos in the world, Roxanne COSS, whose voice is on the ears even more how much she paid for that she arrived in the country highlighted the third world and sang at the evening on the occasion of the birthday of a very rich Japanese man and an Amateur Opera master Hosokawa.

In the house of the Vice-President longs Mr Hosokawa, who is not going to build in a third world country neither factories nor plants, and the giving of Roxanne COSS does not pull even on a tiny Japanese tire. In the house of the Vice-President is full of diplomats, their wives and diplomats wives, and wives without diplomats, lacking only the President of the Republic, which never came, because I didn’t want to miss your favorite soap Opera on TV at eight o’clock.

The ill-fated soap Opera about the suffering of a simple girl Mary in the world of lucre and testosterone destroyed all the plans of terrorists who are already sitting in the air ducts of the house of the Vice-President to seize the President, who is not there, well, you know.