an-undisturbed-peace-by-mary-glickman-1The book «An Undisturbed Peace» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author’s of the book is Mary Glickman. The protagonist of this novel was poor, and he went to the United States to build a new and better life. But the new life was not so best. But at the same time close to the main character lives a young woman, the daughter of a powerful and influential man. She refused to do the father’s will and marry a wealthy young man. The leader of the Cherokee, lives a lonely life in a land far away.

This novel tells us about human despair, inhumanity and injustice. At the same time is a fascinating historical novel that draws a picture of American life. The author describes three characters, three different lives, three different fates.

This is a story about people strong in spirit, who have overcome lots of difficulties, but despite this they found happiness.


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