Allegiant by Veronica RothThe book «Allegiant» – the last book in the Divergent trilogy. Sensational statement Edith Pryor, made with the screens turned Chicago upside down. Evelyn Johnson is the current leader of restructioning, seized power, took a clear decision not to let anyone over the fence and to refuse help to the outside world.

She struggles with the remnants of the factions and do not want to include in the list another problem. Meanwhile, the opposition that calls itself the “faithful”, formed under the hand of the former head of the Partnership, Jan Flight, wants to restore the old order and to execute the orders of their ancestors. Tris, Tobias and several of their friends, risking their lives and under the cover of darkness to begin a desperate journey to the outside world, which will result not what they expected. The mysteries that await them beyond the walls of Chicago, before the horrible that erase the boundaries between friends and enemies.

The plot is interesting, but, in my opinion, less dynamic, at least in the first half of the book than it was in the first two parts. On the one hand, some smooth and maybe even at the beginning, can be considered a minus on the other, it seemed to me that in this history it is appropriate, for helped better understand the characters, their dreams and aspirations, their desires and attitudes to the situation. Of course, such a detailed acquaintance with the characters only added to the final which put me in a real shock. I didn’t even know how to respond, and have read the epilogue in some confusion and perplexity.

The denouement to the storyline associated with the world inhabited by Tris, Tobias and their friends and enemies that Veronica Roth has in store for the third part, struck me as fascinating, frightening and even disgusting, to which, perhaps, was the calculation of the author. A standard technique that I have not once met in a multivolume fiction, and he has always provided me the desired effect well have reached the goal. I’m talking about the gradual increase of the threat that hangs over the main characters, as the story and becoming their characters. If at the beginning of the first book Tris was able to count his enemies Peter or one of the leaders Reckless – Eric, in the third part about these completely defeat the opponents she could only dream of, because what she saw was not representable bigger and more dangerous.

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