A-Tale-of-Two-Cities«A Tale of Two Cities» (1859) really tells us about the two countries – Britain and France on the end of the 18th century, respectively, of the revolutionary time. Really – it was the original description of the revolution, which was published in the history.

On the one hand, showing her previous way of monarchical, aristocratic excesses and misfortunes poor people, Dickens osedlyvaet his favorite horse downtrodden and oppressed, and of course, does it brilliantly. All poverty, hunger, an underlying anger and resentment, tamed until then anger, pain, dull resignation and unbearably hard work of the workers and peasants comes forward, exposing even to such an extent that the reader felt genuine sympathy and desire to help, but did not have time to think about the cruelty and disgust, also present in this novel.

We see a very eloquent image: red wine from the broken barrels, the current streets of Paris, and the poor, scoop it mixed with dirt and crushing them. A few years later she was in the same choke is unfair (and therefore dirty) blood executed on her orders. Pretty repulsive moment. Then Dickens develops already the opposite idea – that the Revolution broke out, but the life of the people has not improved all that has changed – the names of the usurpers and the name of the regime. Oh, and there was “Mother Guillotine” and endless slow cart with corpses (eerily topical picture really, humanity does not learn anything either, and perhaps Dickens is what we like to say). And he seemed to have spared no aristocrats, justifies them, it shows that among them there are noble and worthy people. That is, the author as if he is afraid of the Revolution, which, it would seem, welcomed and terrified her bloody sweep.

Against the background of these historical events, we see the story of a family whose members are equally owned by the two cities – London and Paris. Their fates are intertwined surprising, throwing the several people in a mess, then the other. However, in all circumstances, they remain true to themselves, their families and friends.

The novel is written very cleverly with a story point of view: it begins and ends with a very strong episodes; In addition, in the middle of a work the reader is impressed tangles storylines – it is not clear how this or that character is linked to another, or some event, but then they are very elegantly and accurately get in the right places, so that nothing to complain what.

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