A Piece of the World: A Novel by Christina Baker KlineLooking for a moving, emotional, powerful and thought-provoking historical novel? Hey, you just found it! Christina Baker Kline, the bestselling author of Orphan Train, one of the biggest hits of our time, delivers a fascinating story of friendship, love, art and more. Christina, the main character of the novel, spent her entire life on her fam’s lovely farm in a tiny coastal townlet in Maine.

 She was born in the same house as the previous generations of her family. Her illness kept getting stronger and eventually incapacitated the poor kid, dooming her to a small, uneventful, routine life. However, God works in mysterious ways, and for more than 2 decades, the beauty had been the inspiration for Andrew Wyeth, a world-famous artist, and the paintings of her became insanely popular in the United States and beyond.

A Piece of the World is a wonderful mix of fiction and nonfiction and brilliantly mixes facts with the author’s vivid imagination to make for a breath-taking novel that will linger on long after you put it away. Christina was a real person, and Kline brought her story to life, showing us what a woman like that could feel towards her family, her life and the painter who turned her into a “celebrity”.

They had a very special bond, and their story will make you both laugh and cry. A Piece of the World is an evocative, moving and poignant novel about an artist and his muse, a man and a woman, a painter and a disabled person. This is a memorable book, ladies, and gentlemen, one that you simply have to read if you appreciate one-of-a-kind, unique novels with a strong message.

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