A Daughter of the Snows by Jack LondonIn this novel of London you will not find adventures, at least those to which this remarkable author is accustomed to see. The same book is about an unusually strong woman, strong spirit and body. And it seems to me that the author makes the main theme in the work-survival in extremely unfavorable weather conditions of people, both men and women.

The main character, Frona – a typical “London woman”, strong, can kick with a turn, accompanied by a gentle smile. Very attractive character, both for the reader and for the characters. It is a pity that the full disclosure of the character did not happen, or he lost himself in the background of the rest. Even the above words sound more interesting than the narrative. There is no conflict in the work.

He emphasizes that a man weak in spirit can not survive in such conditions, they are not for him. But if a person is strong in his inner world, has a solid character and a hardened willpower, he can go through everything, even if it’s a woman. The work has its own calorite, beautiful descriptions of nature, especially the northern lights, the desire to see it with my own eyes is now in me. A little surprised events in the end, which had a detective background. But still the result of one-London surprised with its versatility and I think that it is necessary to read it, it’s a classic with a nice cozy world, you enjoy a good language and retire into the world of adventure.

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