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Wilderness Tips by Margaret Atwood

Wilderness Tips by Margaret Atwood Free DownloadThe book «Wilderness Tips» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author of the book is Margaret Atwood. «Wilderness Tips» is a collection of ten short stories. Before they were published in different journals, while the author has not combined them in this edition. The name coincides with the name of one of the stories, and there is something in common in all stories of the collection. Is infidelity. What happened or where the characters only think they have one thing in common stories in the collection.

It is worth to say that if not to think about it, something so immediately and not say, what is common in these works. They are about different eras, different places, situations, people. All, as in life, random, unpredictable and often cruel. Not especially cruel, as in thrillers or detective stories, but just — it just happened.

In True Trash boys 13 and 14 years, again in camp, looking at how the waitresses from the dining room, swim in the lake. The waitresses are older than boys but not that much. Nothing incredible, but this leads to the fact that the life of one girl forever associated with one of the… Okay, I will not continue, and already the retelling begins. There is also a story-within-a-story: the girls read each other a story of incredibly passionate love that was not love at all.