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The Vacationers by Emma Straub

The Vacationers by Emma Straub«The Vacationers» — perfect for a summer read-a novel that is written by Emma Straub, she is the daughter of writer Peter Straub. With other books of the author I’m not familiar, and I chose it randomly, just liked the cover. A family from new York city leases for two weeks, the page goes on vacation. The plot of the book is based on pairs, each of them passes through the treachery of one of the partners. The main pair — Franny and Jim form a kind of nucleus around which are about other characters. Franny writes articles about food and travel and wants to write a book. Jim journalist.

Their daughter, Sylvia, graduated from high school and will be off to University in another state. Even she experienced a kind of treason, when she was betrayed by her high school boyfriend. Wants to lose virginity.

Their son, Bobby, in the opinion of parents seems to be a successful realtor in Miami, in fact, works in the fitness club trainer and got into a pyramid scheme with the purchase of sports nutrition, then went bankrupt. His girl Carmen wearing tight tank tops with sequins, calories and almost falls to the floor to do push-UPS. Besides, she’s older than 10 years. Franny in every way endorses the choice of his son.

Best friend Franny Charles with her husband Lawrence dream to adopt a child and throughout the book suffer, can they (they here-here should report if their mother, the potential child).

Well, the icing on the cake: Jim, the father, cheated on Franny with a student doing internship in his journal. The management of this case did not approve and dismissed him after a revealing meeting of shareholders. Vacation where all gather in one house in Mallorca, takes place after this momentous event.

The story is on behalf of each of the characters in turn. We learn that Jim pushed into cheating on your wife after two decades in a happy marriage. Then Sylvia complains about the existence of social networks which can share the most biased photos from school parties. Bobby thinks about when it all changed and life went downhill. This rhythm does not get bored and the text is easy to read.

The female characters are very recognizable, I would say — too familiar. Frannie focused on the maximum efficiency any action, so commands the who when what to do. You can not just come in a house by the sea and lie down to rest after twelve hours of flight. Need to change, otherwise there will be swelling, to get food before they close the shops tomorrow to put on the dough, otherwise it will remain hungry. Sylvia wants to believe in Prince on a white horse, and sincerely believes that the guy she knows for two days, kind, honest and not take advantage of it, as her high school boyfriend.

Men I was not so clear. Not all their actions I understood or believed them.

Overall, «The Vacationers» a good, strong “holiday romance”. Except for the ending, which is convenient to the author, but not realistic in everyday life and all described. But from a strong middle peasant, no one needs the suspense to tremble at the knees.

Verdict: can read, perfect for reading on the trip.

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