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UnWholly by Neal Shusterman

UnWholly by Neal ShustermanThe book «UnWholly» by Neal Shusterman is a fairly standard plot for books in this genre. Usually, readers are interested in this book after reading the book series «Divergent» by Veronica Roth. The same theme of dystopia, plus the category of young adults, basically teenagers. All the same continuing theme of the trilogy of the year «Hunger Games», whose popularity grew significantly after the film for the first part.

If the first part of the trilogy, UnWind, I was fascinated by his narrative, and that there is the mystery, the idea, the second part is nothing like the bridge from A to B. Part now In the process of writing by the author. On the bridge I passed easily and without much effort. To say that the journey in the process was fascinating to me extremely – I can’t.

The author just needed a bunch. I read the book in preparation for the New Year, in moments of solitude while we were on vacation at sea. In General, to read a La “I read 5 minutes – ran” book the most. You can easily save and then recall quickly.