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An Untamed State by Roxane Gay

An Untamed State by Roxane Gay EpubAn Untamed State by Roxane Gay is a book about the kidnapping of young beautiful woman in Haiti, which is asking a ransom of one million dollars. The plot of the book: Mireille Duval Jameson, a young mother and successful lawyer, the daughter of immigrants, arrives with her husband and baby to visit his parents in Haiti. Her mother and father moved from Haiti to America to seek a better life, and Mireille was born and raised there, fully adapted to American society, married an American.

But not so long ago my parents decided to return home, where her father made a decent capital construction. Became, frankly, a small-town tycoon. Haiti, incidentally, is known for kidnapping with subsequent ransom. When Mireille and her husband and child were driving to the beach, she was kidnapped, threatened with machine guns. Of course she panicked, but thought that her father will pay the ransom and get her back in the family, just after a couple of days. However, the father of the principle of “never pay a ransom to the kidnappers”, but of course for his beloved daughter he will go ahead and do my best. All?

Most of the book is the description of the suffering artist. For example, fans of watching serials descriptions in the book do not seem frightening, but a couple of times I was disgusted. Somehow once you get through that hopelessness, the reader learns that the kidnappers let go Mirelle and she returns home with two new insights about the world and about myself:
— there is no God;
— her.

If the first is acceptable, and everyone, in General, still, in the second a husband, a father and a mother, I actively rush to make her understand. Thirteen days it took them to make a deal and pay the required amount to the kidnappers. A lot or a little — thirteen days? Thirteen days holiday is not enough. And when a psychopath holds you hostage, feeling his absolute power and impunity — are endless.

Any woman would understand how he felt Mireille. A feeling that all leave you and you alone in the world, only you can do to help myself — it is hard to erase from yourself then. The rest of the book is devoted to this “etching” of what happened to Mireille after thirteen days in captivity.

To read a book An Untamed State is quite interesting. The author is vividly described, that are victims of violence. But here pushed me very important detail of the narrative. Mireille refused to talk to her husband and parents that did to her kidnappers. Gang rape, psychological withdrawal, torture. The husband in the book, An Untamed State, frankly, does not Shine with intelligence and wit, and an indirect but very obvious signs that all could not understand what my wife did for almost two weeks.

If she says “I don’t want to the doctor-man,” he forcibly takes her to the hospital to see the doctor-man. After two weeks Mireille in a locked room, he wants to lock his wife in the room so she didn’t go to work because supposedly she’s too weak. When she’s afraid to be alone with him, his reaction — “you need to see a psychologist” and “what is the matter with you?”.

I admit that he doesn’t like the idea that his wife was raped, but certainly you can guess by the bruising, injuries and behavior that after two weeks it still did something bad. Instead, he says that he was “too injured” and why no one thinks about it.

The heroine explains his refusal to talk about what she was doing — education of parents, the mother told her that husbands can’t tell. Good relationships require filter information. While Mireille after the return from captivity hates parents and chat to them about it. As it is combined with the desire to live according to their principles — I do not understand.

Book An Untamed State is dedicated to “women in the world.” The dedication suggests that the book is something of value that relates to women in our world, something that can help us to answer important questions. But the author failed to do this. If she wanted to convey to the reader that women are raped, beaten and killed — enough for it to go to any news website or social network. There will be a variety of items, photos and videos that two hundred pages of beatings and rape seem childish comics.

If the author wanted to open eyes to the fact that the family of the raped women do not support them, away from them — this happens in life very often (though talking about it is not accepted).

My impression after book — all the same what to sit and scare in the dark at home watching a horror movie. Two hundred pages about what is happening every day around us and the lack of logic of the main characters — not the best basis for a successful book.