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Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks

Two By Two by Nicholas SparksNew fascinating story from Nicholas Sparks! The story is immense, knows no limits of love, with all its complexities, risk and, above all, the joy that it brings. The story is that life never stops, and may our plans and hopes are not always realized immediately, how to know when the black bar will be replaced by the white and the bitterness of loneliness — the new happiness? Sometimes the end is a new beginning…

Russell Greene considered himself lucky — he had a strong family, favorite work, cozy house. But one day his life just crumbled like a house of cards. Now Russell is torn between the role of a single father and cares of a man trying to start a business from scratch. He’d do anything to protect his little daughter from the consequences of such a serious change in life, and personal life does not fit into his plans. But everything changes after a chance encounter — meeting a woman that can give him happiness, which he could not dream…

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