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The Shining by Stephen King

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The book «The Shining» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the US. The author of the book is Stephen King. Jack TORRANCE seems to be a former alcoholic, a former teacher and aspiring writer gets a job at mountain the overlook hotel caretaker for the winter. Jack has a beautiful wife Wendy and clever son Danny, really weird, but all the children are acting weird. In winter due to snow, the hotel is cut off from the city and it is impossible to take guests there, so the Torrances live there alone. Jack’s task is simple: follow the boiler to heat the hotel, so that is not cooled, repair if something breaks. Anything supernatural it is not required. However, the room 217 someone lives, and the Elevator ride itself nights. It seems that the hotel is not as empty as expected.

It turned out that reading «The Shining» coincided with my leaving for holidays in a forest. I live in a two story wooden house with large Windows and flashing top light. As a city resident, I default to fear and respect the detached houses in the woods. Another important factor in the perception of the book was the abundance of unexplained sounds in the house. Some tapping and rustling, the hum of the boiler (boiler, Carl!) at night, the creaking of the stairs overlap the frightening silence outside. After always noisy and lit Moscow and so I was a bit worried, but reading king added bright colors in a riot of rustic unexplained phenomena.

I still long to write, how terrible to read of the king in the backwoods in the house, but just take my word for it. Scary.

The-Shining-Jack-NicholsonThe revelation for me was, however, not that king a master of scare, and how he famously managed language. Those first books I read in translation. Perhaps this is why I don’t have any memories of the style of the author, the language of the book is not at all impressed. However, in the original king read quite differently. English is in his hands it becomes something energetic and tireless tool which never fails its the accuracy of the descriptions.

Not a single superfluous word in the text. Ideal verified the simplicity and clarity of form offers the reader the feeling that he was captured by some unknown and inexorable force that draws him to the frightening finale. I’m basically just caught the buzz from the writing style.

King essentially asked the standard modern horror for his books. As you read “The Shining” I learned what is seen in many movies, and thought, and he is described first. At least this merit he is to be commended.

However, after reading and putting down the book, I could not help but wonder: why? Why create such a masterfully designed worlds filled with terror? King surprisingly productive writer. Six days a week he writes a thousand words. It may seem not so much, but he does it almost every day. For a better understanding: in my last entry 217 words (217, Carl!). King writes every day almost 5 times more than this amount.

It must be respected for his diligence and skill. However, I couldn’t after reading to answer the question why he does it. Why he writes (mostly) in the horror genre? He is a great storyteller and a talented writer. I’m sure it work in any other genre, it would be no less successful. The most obvious answer: he likes it.

King not my writer. Yes, it’s great writing. His books swallow the day, they are impossible to put down. But why in my brain is now imprinted forever the image of Jack TORRANCE in the finals when he’s talking with Danny I don’t know. I am now afraid of hedges (live, Carl!), empty hotels and bathrooms with curtains. The obvious benefit in this I do not see. In short, 10 years after first reading king, I come to the same conclusion as before. I will stay away from him. If you suddenly lived in a cave and have not read “the Shining”, then it’s definitely time to fix it. Recommend. It will be terrible.

Ski-Doo1King writes that the snowmobile was called the Bombardier Ski-Doo. Bombardier is a large canadian engineering company, which now produces planes and other complex machines. Snowmobiles Ski-Doo had produced their subdivision, but in 2003, the year it was sold to investors as a separate company, and is now called Bombardier Recreational Products. You can choose a snowmobile to your taste, in the hotel “the overlook”.

In conclusion, I note a curious detail. Part of the plot of the Shining is very similar to the biography of king graduate period. He received the highest education, could not find work on a speciality, and later taught, earned by publishing articles in magazines. Suffered from alcoholism. And judging by some of the articles, the similarity of the king’s Jack TORRANCE not limited only with this.