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‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

'Salem's Lot by Stephen KingAs the author himself says in the Preface, he wanted to bring «Dracula» by Bram Stoker in modern America in a small town. He imagined what would happen if vampires appeared in provincial inland town. For the Stephen King book ‘Salem’s Lot is a true literary experiment. When I was looking for something to read from king, and I compared lists with recommendations on the bunch of different sites. Shoveled the whole, that is to say, the Internet. Most often mentioned «The Stand», «It», «The Shining», «Misery» and now «’Salem’s Lot». The first two I set aside for the future, «The Shining” I read ‘Misery’ for the future, and ‘Salem’s Lot’ small in size and praised him. Many wrote as they were scared after reading. The face in the window! At night, no sleep! Horror as scary. I didn’t realize that the face in the window, but decided that I was waiting for something incredible. What something sweat a little like «The Shining».

We have a good guy, he’s the main character, who is also a writer Ben Mears (Ben Mears). He returns to the small town where he lived in childhood. There he plans to deal with the inner fears and write a book about the horrific event in the history of the city — the husband shot his wife and hung himself, since their house is all bypassed. Except the kids, who are fond of on the weak force to come into the house, open the door, etc. at the same time with Ben in the city there is a nice man, who suddenly buys that house. The residents wonder who would want to live in such a godforsaken place? And then slowly start to disappear people.

'Salem's Lot by Stephen KingFirst, the King apparently gave Ben perfect in his eyes traits — industrious writer; his wife, he, unfortunately, died, but her death as if his hands are untied, you can now with the girls much younger to have a relationship; fair, intelligent, witty, physically strong, with a sense of humor. I think you can not continue? Meet in front of you Martin STU. And if at the beginning is an idealized alter ego amused, by the middle I wanted to give him a cuff that he ever behaved like a real person.

Secondly, I don’t understand how vampires can be scary. Three things that scare me:
the Elevator, which goes by itself, as in the Shining;
– bus driver, who gives change and at the same time fit into the turn;
– when you go in headphones on the street, look up and at you from the corner leaves the machine;
– people who miss the plane, and it is absolutely quiet (bonus point, the most terrible of all).

However, the actions of the vampires from the book I see absolutely logic. They want to turn all people into vampires in order?.. People are a source of vitamins and micronutrients, and if all of them konvertnut in vampires, then how to drink blood?

Why you need a face in the window? So why complicate things? If vampires can hypnotize people and force them to obey his will, why not just ring the doorbell and actually do not subordinate man to his will? He then invited the vampire into the house and began a delicious dinner. Don’t understand.

Perhaps I had high expectations. In any case do not say that the book is poorly written. King loves small towns and life in them, and subtly describes the relationship between people in such places. Identifies social problems, human vices and weaknesses. It’s all revealed in the book “‘Salem’s Lot”. But the story for me did not interest. I’m sure that millions of fans of this book are not wrong in their assessment.

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