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Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson

EPUB Orphan Master's SonThe plot of the book «Orphan Master’s Son» by Adam Johnson set in North Korea. A boy grows up an orphan living with his father, who is raising him. This is possible, perhaps, only there. Years of famine, during which killed a minimum estimate of 240 thousand people, the party called this period as the «Arduous March». Needless to say, that they were accompanied by a flood?

The boy is growing among all this, motherless because of the whims of the Party, and the father at the whim of the system. Grows a man and send him into the army. The people in the book «Orphan Master’s Son» appear and disappear as in a rushing river. The main character, did not seem particularly upset. Or just because the author gave the mysterious and distant East soul.

Some plot twists shudder. Some things just do not want to believe, although the author himself was in North Korea. When describing some of the things I almost threw up (we are talking about the second part of the book).

The writing style reminded me of Pelevin’s surreal intertwining of events with the fine detail of objects. The ending was a disappointment. I hate when they do that. Whether the author himself does not know what would be next, or it’s so subtle move, but more like the first. Of course, I’m glad I kind of had the place happy end, but… After reading there are the inevitable questions as the way to live, and aware of people in General that happens with them in the country.

I am inclined to think that they understand the abnormality of the situation, but no one can make as Esprit de corps everywhere. The total system of surveillance and denunciation. Only the parents of the inquirer are worth. I would love to read a similar book by the author, but as I looked through his bibliography, the books are quite different.