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Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena DunhamThe book «Not That Kind of Girl» is one of the most popular bestsellers in the world. The author of the book is Lena Dunham. Lena Dunham best known as the Creator and actress starring in the HBO series «Girls». But her fame started long before that. Born into a family of two creative people (a photographer and artist) in new York, Lena Dunham from childhood accustomed to the attention of the public and, more importantly, the media.

Interview it took 11 years, and at 24 she directed her first feature film, «Tiny Furniture», which defeated his autobiography and played herself, and then in the series. Now she is 28 and she received a Golden globe award, and a $ 3.7 million advance for the book «Not That Kind of Girl».

What is so unique book, which never published the writer, the publisher has given nearly £ 4 million of national currency?

If you watched the show Girls, you can imagine what Lena Dunham writes in the book. It is memories of childhood, enhanced sorting out a particularly painful and awkward moments, which wants to pull your toes, and, of course, sex. Ever since childhood, Lena Dunham obsessive-compulsive disorder, which she treats with antidepressants. She was assigned by her therapist, of course.

By the way, the a big problem of her childhood she describes as “hard to find a good therapist.” For a long time she was a vegetarian. Slept in the same bed with my parents and then with my sister. The first time Lena Dunham has successfully masturbated in the summer house lying on the bathroom floor until the floor below talking to the parents. Several times she was recovering from a severe mononucleosis, which led to chronic tonsillitis.

All of this information is from her book. And I wonder whether this does not diminish the monotonous enumeration of other services Lena Dunham? For example, her reluctance to conform to the standards of modern beauty. Her Frank confession, as a classmate raped her and she never said, and didn’t even realize what happened. Her desire to achieve great things and, like Hannah from the show, to become, perhaps, the “voice of a generation.” Simply her candor and openness.

Honestly, I expected more from the book. However, it reads like a collection not included in the series of anecdotes and gossip. The phenomenon of Lena Dunham — when any article with mention of the collects the maximum number of comments that vary from “she’s the best, I love her, no one has expressed my thoughts as she is!” to “fat cow, well, nothing will soon do my Botox and find a sugar daddy”. This is a real comments to articles about her on websites.

This same phenomenon has allowed it to get this incredible advance for the book. Apparently, this same phenomenon caused the extreme softness of the editor, who hasn’t said Lena Dunham the truth that does not stand 10 pages of the book to copy your food diary with calorie count of each dish. Not all that interesting Lena Dunham. Sometimes really want to hear the voice of a generation. But when he is so narcissistic and limited, for their generation becomes awkward.

However, I sincerely believe that this is the first book Lena Dunham “Not That Kind of Girl” [eBook EPUB, Mobi, PDF Download] is not her best book. She’s already said everything I could say at the moment. In the end, having lived only 28 years old, and removing a film, TV series, and writing a book what she left unsaid? Lena Dunham takes time and experience. When she will tell will the new book be incomparably better than this.

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