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Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

Monsters of Men by Patrick NessThe book «Monsters of Men» by Patrick Ness the most tragic and bloody part of the whole series of books. If in the first book «The Knife of Never Letting Go» we look at the world through the eyes of Todd, in the second book «The Ask and the Answer» it is joined by the viola, then in the third book, in addition to him, we will hear thoughts 1017 — one of a race of intelligent creatures that inhabited the planet before the appearance of humans. The book «Monsters of Men» is brilliant, as the previous two. But the ending disappointed me. I don’t like ambiguous endings when it seems like you can be so, and maybe commercials.

I wish the author made the point in the final. Moreover, this end can get a couple of hundred fans of the series with a heart attack. Seriously, books are too good to leave them with an open end.

As it was after the first part, I immediately moved on to the second and the third, I immediately began to read after the finale of the second book. The entire series of books does not relax. The characters appear to the reader as a living, flesh and blood, and sometimes it’s tempting to shout “Todd, get over there, run!” or “What are you doing, there’s a trap!”. But unfortunately, the author has written for us.

Perhaps this is the skill of the writer. To create the world that never was, filled with characters so real that it seems as if their thoughts are yours, and their actions — can be yours. Style of writing the author has an unusual, stream-of-consciousness, one thought — one paragraph, unusual spelling and grammar, phrases are cut off at the half. But it is his right. I read it does not prevent, rather it was interesting to read something unusual.