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The Last Star (The 5th Wave #3) by Rick Yancey

The Last Star (The 5th Wave #3) by Rick YanceyIn the book «The Last Star» by Rick Yancey the main characters are still few. The author periodically jumps from one to the other and we see the world through his (or her) eyes, experiencing his adventure and feel his anxiety and hope. Here is Cassie, which is so common, it is not clear why she got the main role, well if you forget about the hole in his thigh from the first book, a broken nose and wounds, which it carefully cherishes and nurtures the moral masochist. Here and Ben (Zombie), which forces readers to spookschool handsome, impulsive, devoid of logic, but open to the senses, hoping for the best and desperately risky.

All the characters have undergone considerable metamorphosis since the first meeting with them, notably the development of characters (although some degraded obviously), you can see how they have matured over this year after the invasion of the other. However, their dialogues are weaker, thought is fragmentary and taken out of context.

Rarely in the text was found difficult compound sentences, the insertion of the participial and other revs. The book was turned into a solid enumeration of actions: move, hit, took, hid, etc. but that’s if you look at the totality of the books in the series, this is not a drawback: it seems that the guys are ossified as warriors, they have no space left for difficulties, because their very lives depend on the rate of reaction, and the reaction will occur faster on the phraseconcrete columnthan in thecaution ahead high, covered with red and white stripes concrete column“.

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