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The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick NessI read the book «The Knife of Never Letting Go» by Patrick Ness for 6 hours. Literally. I started reading it at lunch and couldn’t stop until the evening. Imagine that in the world there are only men. All the women died. Every man hears the thoughts of everyone else. Thoughts, images, dreams, dreams. All. And it is impossible to hide, to escape. Round the clock. Chaos. In addition, imagine that you could hear thoughts not only to other men but also of animals. Yes, animals can talk. Already I was thrilled. In addition to all this, you live next to an alien race. The protagonist — Todd — soon «become a man» as they say in this world, and in our opinion he will be 14 years. And he can’t kill. At all. Even if his life was in danger. Not very handy feature, right?

And he has a best friend dog. Well, almost the best. The dog Todd and I didn’t, but gave it to him. How the dog talked in the book it seems, in my opinion, to how dogs would talk in reality.

And Todd finds out something he wasn’t supposed to know. And he needs to escape. How to do it, if the pursuers can hear your every thought?
The first book is excellent. I couldn’t wait. I had two questions.

First, why is the viola could not answer a single question Todd in the beginning? Why was it necessary to create the illusion as if she was mute. It’s nothing story not given. Well, except for the suspense, whose books galore.

And the second question, what offended Todd and viola that they are so permanently and seriously unlucky? So bad karma, I thought, does not exist. And if it’s not karma, that the author is very svoebrazny idea about the world around him.