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Inside The Third Reich by Albert Speer

Inside The Third Reich by Albert Speer«Inside The Third Reich» by Albert Speer is a unique book, which receives high ratings from readers. Albert Speer was one of the closest associates of Hitler’s personal architect, and from the middle of the Second World war, he also became responsible for ammunition and supplies for the army. The book «Inside The Third Reich» – Speer memories of those times, where he describes what happened, how and for what reasons. What can I say, reading is, Willy-nilly feel like you’re spying on by Hitler.

It is also interesting that Speer wrote this book while in captivity in Spandau prison. The term, which Speer received at the Nuremberg trial, not all seemed fair – after all, he was an architect not directly affect the system of destruction. But the Union insisted on the most stringent punishment – death penalty, and as a compromise Speer appointed time in 20 years in solitary confinement.

There he made friends with the guards, who brought him paper and pencil, and wrote his memoirs. In order to document everything and not to forget in the future, as he wrote. After the Third Reich from the inside from Speer turned away his friends and acquaintances of those times. They felt the book calling and unfounded.

What struck me in the book is that Speer regularly repeats that he only wanted to do his job, did not know about the ongoing crimes against humanity and originally wanted to study architecture, and appointment to the post of principal ammunition was a lesser evil – supposedly so he could control the situation even slightly.

But it is quite writes things that contradict this. For example, regretted that they did not have time to put on the front more fighters to be able to bomb the defence of Russian, or that they have had enough time to develop nuclear weapons, precisely, Hitler as a disciple of the old school considered nuclear weapons a toy. My head can not understand how one can be combined in others.
In addition, Speer describes his relationship with Hitler as very close, almost friendship, Hitler respected him and his work. At least in the prewar period and until the final months of the war.

It is also interesting that Speer experienced a long internal conflict, when they realized that Hitler is losing touch with reality and wants to sink the whole country with him.

Overall reading the book is sad. Because the common man of his era becomes an accomplice of the monster and murderer, not having much choice. Or say that? But the protagonist is sympathetic. Well, the question is also, of course, but he is not asked. Reading highly recommend to take a look at the war through the eyes of the Germans and to try to understand what they were thinking.

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