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In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth WareThriller «In a Dark, Dark Wood» was released on 4 August 2015, the year and earned mixed reviews. They range from “a story for children” to “read, cannot put down!!!”. My impression is somewhere in the middle. the main character Nora lives alone, drinking coffee under BBC Radio 4, runs in the morning and writes books. Her measured life is absolutely predictable and comfortable. Until then, until she finds a strange e-mail from unfamiliar girls to be invited to the bachelorette party… a bachelorette party of her former best friend Claire.

This invitation comes the second, already a little nervous, because Nora didn’t say anything. For what reason? She’s not able to allocate a weekend to come to congratulate her best friend with such an important event, like a marriage? For Claire this is very important! And nothing that Nora hadn’t talked to her for 10 years. Subtle detail: the bachelorette party is planned in a country house, simply, in the middle of nowhere forest, which is difficult to get and less difficult to get out. The company is expected motley and one friend Nora will not be there, except two people: her old friend Nina and Claire, who is getting married (by the way, for whom?).

«In a Dark, Dark Wood» does not aim to be a book for the ages or a philosophical treatise. This is a relatively tightly knit psychological Thriller. The book is sick with childhood diseases: cliches and stereotypes. Gays love the theater and sniffing cocaine, religious girl in marriage becomes a hen with the birth of a child, a beautiful girlfriend is ugly for contrast, etc. With cliche’s all a bit worse.

In the plot are the place to be:
– amnesia of the main character;
– a failed conversation, which would have prevented years of misery, and the story itself;
– SMS where the main character is taking a vital decision
etc.  The plot, unfortunately, is built on clichés, although I have a feeling that the author has quite got it to do without them.

Language has no grace and to become culturally enriched, too, will not work, some references to other literary or musical works I have not found.

Despite it all, I couldn’t stop reading. Perhaps this is the case when all understand and see how the shadow theatre, but the spectacle nonetheless fascinating. I was hooked.

The main character somehow seemed familiar to me. Separate commendable psychological observations of the author. I enjoyed the dispassionate description of how has changed the life of Claire. Every girl has in her life Claire. Claire is the friend that in any situation, looks perfect and always on horseback. She has the best guests, the most beautiful, rich and sexy husband, the clean-shaven legs and the most interesting and high-paying job.

And she does not forget to inform your friends which only serve to dull the background for the manifestation of perfection, Claire. In the photos she always smiles triumphantly, and at her feet the husband/kids/dog/insert age-appropriate and situation combination. There is only one problem. This facade requires tremendous effort to maintain a semblance of perfection. And sooner or later any facade shrinks. And crack.

I wouldn’t say that the book has a special suspense, I didn’t used to bite my nails in anticipation of subsequent events. They, in General, veiled. I was mostly hooked by the description of the main characters — Nora and Claire.

Think this is a good example of prose in which the protagonist is a woman, she is also the narrator. A good book to read on vacation, so not much strain and not to worry for the main character, but with a fascinating story.

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