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Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo

Blood on Snow by Jo NesboSome time ago I wrote a review on the previous book by Norwegian writer Jo Nesbo, which is called «The Son», and was sure that does not take up his other books. It turned out differently — I saw the book «Blood on Snow» in a bookstore and decided to try it. Olav — a hired killer with a good heart. He said to two with difficulty, with reading too, it’s not just — he’s dyslexic; he reads a lot, however, does not always know what he read, and that thought in the story. Hates when you yell at women, and overall good guy. Works for a local drug dealer in Oslo, killing someone will say, no questions asked.

Well earned, but easily spent, not being able to plan your expenses. His overall happy with everything until the boss gives him the task to kill his wife. In which Olav falls in love at first sight. To his wife, in addition to youth, attached leather opaline and grace of a cat. I do not invent, and quote the book. The airport was the sudden romantic «Blood on Snow».

For a proper understanding, I would have said that it is:
a) not a detective, and Thriller; a classic sign of a detective it’s no mystery the reader must solve;
b) a very short book of only 200 pages. For comparison: in «The Son» — 400.

Olav as the protagonist skillfully likable from the first pages. Not having a formal education and suffering from dyslexia, he was engaged in self-study, read and read books, although it is given to him with difficulty. We learn details about its not the most functional family, which would explain why he is what he is. And no, he does not press on pity, pedaling heavy themes of childhood and adolescence. Just reading it, can’t shake the thought that in other circumstances Olav would have lived differently, and quite well, not falling into the abyss of the criminal world.

The book I read for the evening, and I will not say that this is her Forte. I was left with the feeling that “Blood on Snow” kind of sketch, unfinished work. The events take place crumpled, I have always thought the actions of the character believable (well, as far as they can be believable). Perhaps if the author had spend more time developing the character Olaf, the book would be perceived differently. The logic of his actions would be more understandable. After reading no desire to stop and remember and what actually happened. The book at once.

Already have the sequel (“There will be blood”), and generally planned trilogy.

«The Son» made a still stronger impression. If you’re a fan of Jo Nesbo or in General interested in gloomy Scandinavian detectives, “blood on the snow” you should try to read. If any one of these categories of readers you get, it is better to take old books Jo Nesbo, the same Harry Hole.