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Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Allegiant by Veronica Roth«Allegiant» the last book in the Divergent trilogy, was released on October 22. Like any cycle book, bears the burden of responsibility for the entire series. How will the readers remember all of the books depended on this last one. Remember will is not a good word. Firstly because the author, for whatever reason pushes the main idea of the factions in second place and starting to generate new ideas one after another. Each, of course, interesting, but the plot becomes wrinkled and loses its linearity. At the same time say that it added to the zest of the story can’t.

The book is easy to read, but many pages I skimmed through diagonally because of the repetition. Due to the fact that the story is on the faces of the two main characters’ Tris and Four, in the story, are lining the bridges between their passages.

Secondly, the ending doesn’t seem logical to me at all. I see no reason to substitute the main character instead of a slightly less main character has redeemed themselves and everyone would love it and we learn a little more about his character. But the author is not looking for easy ways.
In addition, we begin to build a pyramid of new, no interesting characters, whose suffering is supposed to excite us.

The entire series of books lost by such a finale, and I’m sorry. Because after the film adaptation of the fandom will definitely grow and start to read books, and be disappointed. As if the case came to lynching the author.